i-CLiPS® list wall panels and list ceiling panels

With a list wall panel or list ceiling panel, it is possible to create a fantastic expression in your home or in the office environment. In addition to the aesthetics of a list wall panel and a list ceiling panel, it also has a sound-absorbing effect that improves the acoustics throughout the room – just like an acoustic panel.

The unique i-CLiPS® system consists of a patented aluminum rail, which makes the concept completely unique. Both the list wall panels and list ceiling panels are mounted to the rail with a few clicks and completely without the use of screws or special tools as the case of other acoustic panels. The result is therefore an elegant surface completely without visible screws. As the clips are pre-assembled at the factory, an exact distance is created between the clips. The assembly is thus quick and easy – in fact up to 5 times faster than traditional assembly solutions.

The secret behind i-CLiPS®

› Quick and easy assembly
› Elegant surface without visible screws
› Precise distance between the lists
› Simple customization options

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List wall panels and list ceiling panels in oak

Our modern lists in oak veneer have a clear, lacquered surface, which gives a nice and elegant finish and even increases the durability of the lists. The lists’ trendy and natural oak color fits well with most interior design styles and gives a modern look. As only the surface of the lists is veneered, the lists are only suitable for indoor environments. For more humid environments, we recommend our lists adapted for outdoor use – see facade cladding.


Like many other systems set up in entire panels or modules, i-CLiPS® list wall panels and list wall ceilings come separately, so you can customize the length of the lists to walls or ceilings. Unlike acoustic panels, this enables joints that, especially on larger surfaces, give a unique and elegant overall impression.


With a modern list ceiling panel, it is possible to integrate spots in several different ways. If you also have electrical outlets, there are several solutions so that sockets and outlets are nicely integrated into the list ceiling panels.


Our list wall panels and list ceiling panels in oak veneer work like an acoustic panel that improves the acoustics of the room, but for those who want additional soundproofing, it is possible to purchase a special acoustic cloth mounted behind the i-CLiPS® rails. The thin acoustic fabric is mounted behind the i-CLiPS® rails and receives sound with minimal reflection. To achieve a full effect, you also need a sound absorber behind the cloth – for example mineral wool.


The i-CLiPS® lists can be assembled directly on the wall or ceiling, but for full soundproofing, a 45mm silencer is recommended behind the clips. The acoustic fabric is mounted between the rails and the rear construction. See our recommended construction for list ceiling panels.

Mounting rail

Using the mounting rail, the clips are fastened with a few clicks and without the need for screws or special tools. i-CLiPS® also always ensures the same exact distance between the clips, as the clips are pre-assembled from the factory. The rail is 2 meters long and is mounted on the surface with the CC dimension of 60 cm. The rail is easily attached to the surface, and then the desired construction is hooked onto either your wall or ceiling.


The lists on your wall or ceiling can also easily be disassembled and replaced if necessary. Use the special i-CLiPS® wrench to release the lists from the rails – even after assembling. Then you can easily replace damaged lists or access something behind the lists such as electricity.

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FAQ for i-CLiPS® list wall panels and list ceiling panels

First attach the patented i-CLiPS® rails, and then you can easily click on the selected wood cladding. The assembly work is quick and easy, and you get a screw-free finish. In addition, you do not need to think about symmetry, as the i-CLiPS® system creates exact distances between the lists.

Yes, if the right minimum quantity is met and the desired type of wood is approved for i-CLiPS®, special ordering is possible. The wood can also be made in different types.

The need for fire retardant lists for e.g. public buildings is also possible on request.

Contact us for a quote on your project.

As i-CLiPS® list wall panels and list ceiling panels are particularly suitable for large or wide areas, the price for small areas is higher than for large projects. The mounting rail has a cost in relation to a given standard but is also the reason for the fast assembly.

We only work with recognized manufactures of high quality, and therefore we can ensure a high product quality and nice finish on our wood cladding. Contact us for a quote on your list project.

Contrary to the popular acoustic panels mounted in modules, the i-CLiPS® lists are mounted separately. Therefore, the system is more flexible than a traditional acoustic panel, and you can avoid visible joints by making them more fluid for an enhanced aesthetic appearance. The system is thus particularly suitable for large or wide surfaces, and when you want a nice finish without any visible joints.

Our oak lists improve the acoustics and are also an aesthetic solution, which affects the overall experience in a room. The trendy and natural oak color is even timeless and goes well with most interior design styles.

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