Additional middle balusters spiral stair banister (13pcs)

Improve safety by reducing spaces

Reduces the spacings between the main balusters. Adding 1 pack will give 1 extra baluster per tread on the Calgary & Montréal spiral staircase. The packages includes middle balusters enough for 11 tread.

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This brings the spacing between balusters on each tread from 20 cm to 9.2 cm on the 120 diameter Calgary, and from 23.5 cm to 10.5 cm on the 140 diameter. UK building regs. is no more than 10 cm gaps.

There are 2 extra balusters for repos and 1 extra for each step (11 pcs.). A total of 13 balusters in the package.

Distance between balusters:

Spiral stair Calgary & Montréal Ø120:

NO extra baluster: 20,5 cm - 19,7 cm

One extra baluster: 9,2 cm - 10,8 cm

Spiral stair Calgary & Montréal Ø140:

NO extra baluster: 23,5 cm - 23,5 cm

1 extra baluster: 10,5 cm - 13,8 cm

2 extra balusters: 6,2 cm - 8,6 cm

Riser bars are also available see below. Our riser bars are designed to fit horizontally between the treads of an open-tread staircase.


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