Handrail corner connector 90° ACADIA

Finish banister project around corners

Need to turn a corner? No problem! The ACADIA Banister Corner Connection allows you to turn the kit up to 90 degrees for a seamless finish. We recommend using a starter kit after each corner to maintain consistent post layout.

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High quality vertical banister in black

Adding the ACADIA banister railing corner connector makes it possible to turn the handrail up to 90 degrees if your project is not just a simple straight line. This Corner connector perfectly matchs the handrail and is 70mm wide ensuring the continuity of your balustrade project. The aluminium construction with a black powder-coated finish (RAL 9005) ensures it is protected against abrasion, corrosion and outdoor elements.

TIP: we would recormend that the distance from a corner to the first post be a maximum be 20 cm to ensure stability and safety and if you add a Corner Connector you use a starter kit rather than an extension kit to ensure you have a consistent post layout.

Aluminium, finished is quality black

The ACADIA banister components are all made of aluminium which is a strong material, highly weather resistant but also light weight. It also rarely needs to be maintained but we do recommend cleaning from time to time with a hot water with a mild cleaning agent so the powder-coated aluminium is further protected from abrasion or corrosion.


Product number
Handrail material
Black, RAL 9005

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