Storage box with organiser BEAM-IT-UP® 94-124 width x 130 cm

Create more smart storage with easy access

More room please - this ceiling storage organiser is like a closet above. This organiser covers a room width with adjustable width 94 to 124 cm and 130 cm long. Smart storage in functional delight.

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130 cm
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Take advantage of the space under the ceiling this storage box is conveniently folding it up and down. You do not have to climb a ladder but bring the storage space down just like a closet. The gas springs in the ceiling storage box ensure easy opening and closing. The lightweight storage box with 3 compartments can be quickly closed with a zipper and protects the interior from dust and dirt. The shelves of the storage organiser can accommodate all kinds of items including clothing, books, shoes and lightweight unbreakable items. The material is water repellent and easy to clean. Each compartment has 7 kg load capacity with a total weight of 20 kg for the whole organizer or shall we call it a closet above.

This smart storage solution consist of:

1 pcs. BEAM-IT-UP® Storage box with organizer with 3 compartments

2 pcs. BEAM-IT-UP® Beam 124

2 pcs. BEAM-IT-UP® Wall rail 130

1 pcs. Screws - PH 6 x 60 mm, torx - 50 pcs

Fischer DUOPOWER/ DUOTEC plugs


  • Can store so many extra things.
  • Possible to extend ex. when you move.
  • Recyclable – take it with you when you move
  • Smart storage solutions with great functionality
  • Ceiling storage in grand design

Photos and Videos:


130 cm
Maximum load
20 kg
Textile - 100% Polyester
Casing material
Laminated pine, white finish
CPL foil
Required tools
A measuring tape or a ruler 
A drill
A spirit level 
A screwdriver
FSC® certified wood

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