Staircase SYDNEY white oiled oak

LED lighting for floating unique stair design

Unique and innovative staircase with optional integrated LED lighting and treads in white oiled oak (75 cm or 85 cm wide). Treads and handrail are made of high-quality wood from FSC®-certified forest. Design it your-selves below.

Product Properties

Tread material
Solid oak
Tread finish
White oiled
Staircase formats
Straight, 1/4 Turn

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Straight flight or quarter turn staircase in unique design

The straight stringer and wide treads make SYDNEY an impressive and aesthetic design element in the living room. The quarter turn staircase is simple in minimalistic design - 2 winder treads at the bottom of the staircase - enjoy the comfort staircase. This amazing stair combines high quality and great functionality that allows you to adjust the staircase according to your room. This means you can choose to install the stair with a lower rise height for a very comfortable staircase or with a higher rise for a steeper and more space saving staircase solution.

Staircase with top-quality LED lighting

The DOLLE SYDNEY impresses with a continuous centre construction and integrated LED lighting (available at an additional cost). The staircase combines utility and special design by becoming an additional source of lighting at the same time. The dimmable LED light produces a pleasant, warm, and indirect light in the room which you can adapt to the atmosphere of the moment. Wireless remote incl. Each staircase has two covers for the narrow middle centre of the stair construction. One cover is mat transparent for the LED light. If you do not add the LED kit, use the aluminium cover in the colour of the staircase, to ensure a great finish.

Staircase with white oiled oak treads and handrail

The oiled treads made of solid oak in combination with the anthracite, black or white centre structure make the SYDNEY a sculpture. The solid oak is treated with a white pigmented oil and thereby preserving the bright tone of the oak. The oil protects the surface of the wood and makes it more resistant to water and stains. The oil is absorbed into the wood and creates a smooth and almost silky surface where you can both see and feel the structure of the wood. Oak is a strong and versatile wood species with a fine and natural structure that creates a beautiful life. All oak used for our treads and handrails is European oak from FSC® certified forestry.

5 stair banister options for you to design your staircase

DESIGN banister – a railing with open clamping posts and running stainless steel tubes. End caps of the handrail are also kept in stainless steel and very high quality. Be aware that you can complete the staircase with matching Landing banister DESIGN.

The SYDNEY Staircase with PURE banister is elegant with same drop shaped design of centre construction, post and fillings of the banister. It provides a stunning harmonious staircase with a unique modern impression with superb details. This staircase has matching landing banister PURE white and banister PURE black.

Stair banisters CLASSIC II and CLASSIC III have round vertical balusters. Very classic and clean banister for your stair. CLASSIC III has got 3 vertical balusters per tread and CLASSIC II has got 2 vertical balusters per tread. Handrail is following the wood type you pick for your treads. For these banisters Landing banister CLASSIC is a great fit.

The last optional banister STYLE 6 has got round posts and 5 stainless steel fillings and is available at an attractive price. Also, here matching Landing banister STYLE 6 is available for the stairway.

How to measure for a staircase

Go to our Measurement guide to learn how to measure your room for a staircase.

In our Dimensions you will find precise measurements of the staircase and explanation of staircase terminology.

Be aware this staircase is designed for rooms with a deck thickness of min. 20 cm. (rise + 2 cm).

Handrails are delivered in lengths of 150 cm.

SYDNEY white-oiled oak tread

Wood is a natural product. Since each timber is unique, the treads can also be different in grain and colour. The colour representation in the pictures may differ from the final product


  • Adjustable angle of the staircase
  • Unique design – spatial sculpture
  • LED light in the centre construction (available at extra cost)
  • Treads and handrail are made of high-quality solid wood from FSC®-certified forest
  • Functionality allows you to adjust the staircase according to your room


Product number
'Please select a variant'
'Please select a variant'
Tread material
Solid oak
Tread finish
White oiled
Tread depth
23 cm
Tread thickness
38 mm
Tread rise
From 18,5 to 22,5 cm per tread (depending on floor-to-floor height)
Structure material
Structure finish
Powder coated
Handrail material
Oak | White oiled
Handrail diameter
40 mm
Staircase or banister
Indoor use
Staircase definition
Secondary staircase

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