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i-CLiPS by GRAD® decking 

With i-CLiPS by GRAD® terrace decking you can mount stylish wooden boards with a few clicks, without visible screws and with the option for easy disassembly. The wooden terrace decking is available in several types of wood, widths, and lengths so you can easily find something that is suitable for your particular project. All our wooden decking is durable and carefully selected for the Scandinavian climate and weather conditions. Read more about the system below.

A patented and innovative system

The terrace system i-CLiPS by GRAD® consists of an aluminum rail with pre-assembled plastic clips and profiled wooden boards.

The system is patented, developed by French GRAD® and have been tested for many years. The system is used throughout Europe and more than 2 million m2 have already been installed.

The secret is the clips

The plastic clips are made of 100% recycled material. The clips are manufactured at GRAD®’s own factory in France and of course meet all applicable requirements and rules.

Easy and quick assembly

With the unique system, you can save both time and money when installing your terrace floor. The assembly is up to 5x faster than normal assembly, and you get a screw-free surface that is also easy to dissemble if necessary. As the clips are pre-mounted on the rail, the same space between the wooden boards is always ensured.  

Easy disassembly

Almost as easy as the boards click on the clips, you can just as easily disassemble the decking again. If you wish to change a board or need to have access to something underneath the terrace floor, you can use the included keys and easily remove the decking.

Durable and maintenance-free wood

At DOLLE Nordic we only offer durable and innovative wooden boards that are easy to maintain. Our woods are FSC® or PEFC-certified and are specially selected for the Nordic climate. They are all easy to maintain or completely maintenance-free, and with the slightly curved surface on the boards, the water drains off easily and prevents dry rot and moss from coming.

Wood types

Thermo furu

Thermo pine is an environmentally friendly, certified (FSC®) and durable wood type – which is not pressure impregnated. Thermo pine is treated exclusively with heat and steam, which gives the wood a unique durability and dimensional stability. The finished wood product is more resistant to rot and fungal attack and is thus an ideal material to use as a terrace decking. The durability is classified in class 2 (EN 350) – tested for a lifetime of more than 20 years.

Thermo ask

Thermo ash has a nice dark brown glow and ages beautifully. Thermo ash lasts longer due to the special heat treatment that makes the wood resistant to rot and fungus. The heat treatment provides dimensional stability and durability, so there is no need for finishing or wood protection. Thermo ash is an environmentally friendly, certified (FSC®) and durable wood type – which is not pressure impregnated. The durability is classified in class 2 (EN 350) – tested for a lifetime of more than 20 years.

MOSO® Bamboo

Bamboo is a sustainable material because it is the fastest growing plant in the world that can be harvested after only 4-6 years. The root of bamboo does not die when the tree is felled and thus it grows much faster than other trees that take 50-100 years to grow. Due to the rapid growth of bamboo, neither chemical pesticides nor fertilizers are used. In addition, there is only 20% waste during felling and production, while that figure is up to about 80% for ordinary trees.

MOSO Bamboo X-treme is certified as Co2 neutral and meets the highest durability class 1. Bamboo wood is almost as hard as steel. The bamboo wood is also fireproof and can therefore be used in public projects. Bamboo decking achieve frame spread index class A of the American standard ASTM E84 and fire resistance class Bfl-S1 following EN 13501-1.

As with all other wood materials used outdoors, the color of bamboo will also change over time, but the color can be maintained by regular maintenance with oil. The surface does not need to be stained or oiled and gets a natural gray tone over time.


If you choose your terrace boards in Accoya®, you get a very exclusive terrace. The Accoya tree is radiata pine, which is modified with natural acid. You therefore achieve the highest durability class, and the terrace boards are therefore also stable and resistant. Accoya is available in two different colors – natural and gray. The wood has a guaranteed lifetime of 50 years above ground and 25 years in the ground / under water. Accoya wood comes from sustainable forestry and other controlled sources, is Co2-neutral and 100% recyclable. If you are looking for durability, Accoya is the right choice. In addition to being Co2-neutral, the wood is FSC®-certified as well as Nordic ecolabelled.  

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The i-CLiPS by GRAD® system has up to 5 times faster installation time compared to traditional installation with screws or similar, and also leaves a screw-free surface.


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