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Facade cladding

With a unique facade cladding, you are able to give your home or construction project an elegant look. Our exterior facade cladding can withstand all types of weather and can be used for both renovation and new construction of houses, but also in connection with garages, sheds, and covered terraces.


The secret is i-CLiPS®

Facade cladding from DOLLE Nordic consists of a patented i-CLiPS® aluminum rail developed by GRAD®, which makes the concept unique. Using the rail of the system, the selected decking or cladding is fastened with just a few clicks and without the use of screws and tools. The result is elegant because you avoid visible screws and get a precise distance between the cladding boards.

Unique click system

With i-CLiPS® facade cladding, the selected wood cladding is clicked into an aluminum rail with plastic clips, which automatically ensures the right distance between the boards and leaves a screw-free surface on either your horizontal or vertical cladding panel. The boards are assembled on the rail distanced from the rear construction in order to ensure ventilated facades. With our standard profiles, an opening of less than 20% per m2 is achieved.

Easy and quick assembly

In addition to a screw-free finish, the assembly work on i-CLiPS® wood cladding is also quick and easy. First, the patented i-CLiPS® rails are fastened to the facade, after which the selected decking or cladding is easily clicked on with just a few clicks and completely without the use of screws or any special tools. The clips are assembled from the factory and thus ensure a precise and symmetrical distance between the boards. It is also easy to disassemble and/or replace the cladding if necessary – for example if you need access to electronics, plumbing or anything else that must hide behind your wooden facade cladding. See video of disassembly

Wood cladding

For the i-CLiPS® system, we offer popular and long-lasting woods that have been selected specifically for this system. Our woods are all FSC® or PEFC-certified and specially adapted to the Nordic climate.

Wood in thermo pine or thermo ash have undergone a special heat treatment that makes the wood resistant to both rot and mold. The treatment also provides a unique durability, dimensional stability and also a warm glow. Cedar is naturally a long-lasting material and has a beautiful reddish glow, which is also patinated to a nice light silver-gray color with time. All materials provide a maintenance-free facade cladding, and with i-CLiPS® you easily get an elegant and durable finish for your wooden cladding outdoors.

Our wood cladding is available in a selection of standard profiles – see them here.

Maintenance and patination

Here you can read more about or thermo-treated woods and learn more about the patination and treatment of the wood.

Wood types

Thermo Pine

Thermo pine is environmentally friendly, FSC® certified and sustainable. Thermo pine is exclusively treated with heat and steam, which gives the wood a unique durability and dimensional stability. The finished wood product is more resistant to rot and mold attack and is thus an ideal material for use as an exterior facade. The durability is classified in class 2 (EN 350) – tested for durability of more than 20 years. Read more about thermo-treated wood.

Thermo Ash

Thermo ash has a nice dark, brown glow and patinates nicely. Thermo ash lasts longer due to the special heat treatment that makes the wood resistant to rot and mold. Thermal treatment provides dimensional stability and durability, so there is no need for finishing treatments or wood protection. Thermo ash is environmentally friendly, certified (FSC) and sustainable. The durability is classified in class 2 (EN 350) – tested for a durability of more than 20 years. Read more about thermo-treated wood. Read more about thermo-treated wood.


Cedar is long-lasting and has a beautiful reddish glow, which over time patinates to a nice light silver color. Cedar is by nature very durable and resistant to mold attack. The wood is very environmentally friendly (FSC) and the type of wood is robust and can withstand all kids of weather without impregnation or finishing treatments.

Reference projects


To assemble facade cladding, first attach the patented i-CLiPS® rails, and then you can easily click on the selected wood cladding. The assembly work is quick and easy, and you get a screw-free finish. In addition, you do not need to think about symmetry, as the i-CLiPS® system creates exact distances between the cladding boards.

The i-CLiPS® system has up to 5 times faster installation time compared to traditional installation with screws or similar – and also leaves a screw-free surface on your wood cladding.

Yes, if the right minimum quantity is met and the desired type of wood is approved for i-CLiPS®, special ordering is possible for your wood cladding outdoors. The wood can also be made in different types.

The need for fire retardant cladding for e.g., public buildings is also possible on request.

Contact us for a quote on your project.

What is needed behind i-CLiPS® facade cladding depends on the situation and the rest of the construction. If a dense facade is needed, a windbreak such as Crembrit Windstopper Extreme or similar is recommended. The rails can then be mounted directly on this.

As i-CLiPS® facade cladding is particularly suitable for large or wide areas, the price for small areas is higher than for large projects. The mounting rail has a cost in relation to a given standard but is also the reason for the fast assembly.

We only work with recognized manufactures of high quality, and therefore we can ensure a high product quality and nice finish on our wood cladding. Contact us for a quote on your facade project.

See more questions and answers about the i-CLiPS® system here.

Facade cladding references

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