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AARhus: Facade cladding for 440 balconies

AARhus in Aarhus designed by BIG (Bjarne Ingels Group) and GEHL.


Aarhus Ø is already known for its very special and distinctive buildings. Project “AARhus” is one of the most spectacular buildings in the city and has gradually become world famous.


DOLLE Nordic has delivered the unique i-CLiPS by GRAD® system for the construction of approx. 440 windbreaks on the balconies. In total, it is more than 75,000 meters of thermo pine and 14,00 meters of i-CLiPS by GRAD® aluminum rails with the patented clips, which leaves the surfaces completely screw-free.


The secret is in the rails!


AARhus consists of …
255 apartments and a number of activity houses, and the building has a central location in the living environment on the waterfront of Aarhus.

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Hemmeligheden er klipsene

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