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clickFIX® comfort loft ladder made to measure


For more comfort and safety, the treads of the DOLLE clickFIX® comfort have been designed especially deep. They are 13 cm deep and thus offer a very secure surface. A spring mechanism makes folding and unfolding literally feather-light. The telescopic handrail allows a secure grip when going up and down. On request, a second handrail can be ordered as an accessory. The DOLLE clickFIX® comfort can be operated particularly comfortably and safe. 


The DOLLE clickFIX® comfort made to measure has a 4-section steel ladder with 11 steps. Upon request, it can be extended to 12 levels with an extension kit. Thus, a maximum, clear room height of 264 cm or with extension 285 cm can be achieved. In addition, the feet of the ladder part are telescopically adjustable. This allows the ladder to be easily and precisely adjusted to the room height.


  • TOP thermal insulation
  • Deep comfort treads
  • Telescopic handrail
  • Easy operation thanks to spring mechanism
  • Easy installation by patented arm system
  • Nice anthracite powder coated steel ladder with telescopic feet



  • Opening size: 120-160 x 100- cm
  • Outer casing dimension: 117.5-157.5 x 57.6-97.6 cm
  • Casing length + the casing width must not exceed a total of 240 cm in outside casing
  • Floor to ceiling height above 264.4 cm - casing length must be 127.5 cm or more
  • Floor to ceiling height above 278.0 cm - casing length must be 137.5 cm or more
  • Recommended floor to ceiling height at 70o angle:
    10 treads: Adjustable between 222.4-243.5 cm (standard ladder cut down to 10 treads)
    11 treads: Adjustable between 243.6-264.4 cm (standard).
    12 treads: Adjustable between 264.5-284.6 cm (standard ladder + extension kit)
  • Ladder material: steel
  • Casing material: Height: 24 cm - Laminated pine, white painted - Height: 19.1 cm up to 80 cm Block board - white
  • Casing thickness: 1.8 cm
  • Casing height: Min. 24 cm. Max. 80 cm
  • Trapdoor thickness: 7.6 cm
  • Insulation: 7 cm
  • Tread thickness: 3.2 cm
  • Sections: 4-sections