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Small loft ladder - DOLLE Mini – Made to measure

Loft ladder designed for the smallest room

This loft ladder is ideal solution for small ceiling openings! The 4-part wooden loft ladder come complete with heat-insulated trapdoor and rebate gasket and specially developed for ceiling construction without standard dimensions, therefore it fits perfectly in openings that do not conform to standard dimensions. The ladder is comfortable to use with ribbed, non-slip treads which gives the necessary security when ascending and descending and loft space.

Small loft ladder – but warm

The thermally insulated trapdoor is lightweight due to its sandwich construction. The rebate gasket seals airtight in accordance with DIN EN 12207 Class 4 fulfilling the requirements for excellent thermal insulation properties. The ladder section folds up in 4-sections to save space and thus takes up hardly any space. The white clothing strips form a discreet finish at the ceiling transition.

The Mini loft ladder is still comfortable

Non-slip treads for extra security!! The loft ladder Mini comes with a stable spring counter balancing system for smooth and effortless operation.
An extended arm is the included with the operation pole this makes it easy to operate the snap closure.


  • Opening size: 87.5-115.5 x 57.4-82.6 cm
  • Outer casing dimension: 85-109 x 54.8-80 cm
  • Min floor to ceiling height: 217 cm
  • Max floor to ceiling height: 286 cm
  • Ladder material: wood
  • Casing material: spruce
  • Max casing height: 14 cm.
  • Casing thickness: 1.8 cm
  • Trapdoor thickness: 3.6 cm
  • Insulation: 3 cm
  • Tread thickness: 1.8 cm
  • Sections: 4-sections