Architraves for DOLLE clickFIX® loft ladders

Timeless architrave in white from DOLLE

Fits all clickFIX® loft ladders. The architrave adds a nice finish to DOLLE clickFIX® loft ladders. Incredibly easy to mount with just a few clicks - no need for nails or screws.

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Beautiful finish of the loft ladder

Get a nice finish on your DOLLE clickFIX® loft ladder with an architrave in white. clickFIX® is the most unique loft ladder series on the market. The patented clickFIX® technology gives a extraordinary insulation value and ensures the easiest installation on the market.

When choosing the simple and timeless architrave you avoid screws and nails - the four parts can easily be assembled with a few clicks. The surface of the architrave is easy to clean.

Easy installation

The architraves can be adjusted to fit the size of your loft ladder - installed with a few clicks. Fits all clickFIX® loft ladders.


  • No need for nails or screws
  • Timeless design
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits all clickFIX® modeller (max. 120 x 70 cm)


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