Balustrade PROVA 10 Anthracite starter kit - floor

Modern banister rail in sturdy anthracite from DOLLE

The PROVA 10 contains 2m handrail in color anthracite, 10 filling tubes and 3 post rails in anthracite. The height of the banister set is adjustable from approx. 115-120 cm

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Product Properties

Handrail length
2000 mm
Pole material
Filling material
Stainless steel Tube Ø10
Product number

Balustrade - fitted item and accessories

Balustrade system PROVA offers minimalist style and flexible design suitable for both interior and exterior use. The anthracite PROVA railing combine Scandinavian design with functional, affordable systems designed for your patio, cabin, balcony, decking, hallways, interior staircases and much more. The PROVA system is simple, straightforward and easy to install and mount to whichever surface you are working with.

The round railing posts in anthracite are already provided with brackets for holding the 10 stainless steel rods for the filling. The anthracite handrail comes with 2 end caps and 1 connector.

This starter set contain all the components you need for assembly except for the bolts to attach the posts. For installation, you will need the following tools and aids: a drill with a wood drill or a drill for concrete, a hex wrench, a spirit level and 2-component adhesive. To cut the stainless-steel bars of the railing filling, you need a hacksaw with a saw blade suitable for stainless steel. To attach the railing posts to wood you must choose the hexagon bolts. However, these are not suitable for mounting on concrete, for this application we offer heavy-duty anchors.


When processing stainless steel, make sure that the parts do not meet iron or steel. If metal dust is deposited on the surface, this may cause rust in the outdoor area.


  • Designed to meet your specifications
  • The PROVA anthracite is high strength and weather-resistant
  • High durability even UV radiation has no influence on the PROVA banister
  • Custom-fit your banister system to your place
  • Banister rail for indoors and outdoors - adjustable height approx. 115-120 cm

Photos and Videos:


Height (adjustable)
1146 - 1196 mm
Handrail diameter
40 mm
Handrail length
2000 mm
Handrail material
Pole material
Filling material
Stainless steel Tube Ø10
Banister type
Banister set
Banister mounting
Floor mounted
Indoor use, Outdoor use

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