External handrail banister DESIGN

Enhance both safety and convenience

External handrail banister DESIGN is a supplementary banister for quarter turn and half turn on free standing staircases. Recommended as fall protection to enhance safety. Select design in the drop-down menu below.

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Fall protection for free standing staircases

The modular staircases from DOLLE are delivered with handrail banister on one side. If your staircase is not installed against a wall, we recommend adding an additional handrail banister. The external banister is designed for installation on the winder treads of your quarter turn staircase. Connect the external handrail banister with an additional handrail banister for the straight flight section.
Select colour, handrail material and number of straight treads installed below the quarter turn. The DESIGN external handrail banister matches the handrail banister on FRANKFURT, HAMBURG and DUBAI quarter turn and half turn staircases from DOLLE.
Looking to further baby proof your staircase? Add riser bars in the gap between treads and install a matching landing banister at the top of your staircase.


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