Handrail Banister PROVA 5 Oval

Handrail Banister System PROVA 5 OVAL - A solid, professional, highly versatile balustrade solution from DOLLE

Handrail Banister System PROVA 5 OVAL is a professional and highly flexible balustrade solution that is very elegant and solid. It is made of weather-resistant materials and it can be individually combined. Ideal for balconies, patio or interiors.

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Handrail diameter
40 mm
Handrail length
2000 mm
Pole material

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Tailored to suit the style of your home! Ideal for balconies, patio or interiors and garden space.

The handrail banister system PROVA 5 OVAL from DOLLE is a highly professional and versatile balustrade solution offering you the opportunity to custom-fit your own banister. It is ideal for interiors or balconies, patio and garden spaces. This handrail banister offers various of combination options for individual indoor and outdoor banisters.

Are you looking for a contemporary replacement for your balcony balustrade? Or would you like to give new elegance to your existing patio? Then the solution can be provided by the handrail banister system PROVA 5 OVAL from DOLLE. The perfectly shaped banister elements made of weather-resistant materials can be individually combined and used for the most diverse outdoor requirements. The result is an elegant, solid and timeless banister.

Unbeatably flexible and simple.

The handrail banister PROVA 5 OVAL from DOLLE consists of a variety of components, such as posts, handrails and fillings that can be combined with each other. This makes the handrail banister system unbeatably flexible and versatile. Add to this the convincing simplicity with which the parts are assembled. In no time, a complete banister is created. Already configured handrail banister kits are available.

Elegant and very solid handrail banister 2-metres kits in aluminium - wall or floor mounting.

The handrail banister PROVA 5 OVAL ready-configured 1 metre high banister kit in aluminium is available for both floor mounting and wall mounting. Adaptable, to your specification: Pick a 2-metres banister kit and extend it with another one - 2 metres at a time - until you reach the full required length. Add as many as you like! Complete the sections with a single post.

The handrail banister kit PROVA 5 OVAL contains: 2 posts, 1 handrail, and fillings. Combine your kit by choosing between: Floor mounted posts (adjustable height from 99,2 to 102,2 cm) or Wall mounted posts (adjustable height from 100 to 103 cm) in anodized aluminium. 5 filling Tubes in Ø10mm stainless steel or Wire filling in Ø3mm stainless steel. A handrail 2m Ø40mm in Aluminium or in Wood: Varnished Beech, Natural Beech, Natural Pine. The wooden handrails give warm touch and a homelike ambience. The aluminium variant, on the other hand, is characterized by its durability and weather resistance. A comfortable and secure grip is guaranteed by both.

The distance between the posts should not exceed 1m. Installation in commercial or public buildings should only be carried out after consultation with the responsible building authority!

Elegant and flexible

The design of PROVA 5 OVAL is elegant and simple. Its applications are incredibly versatile and flexible. This handrail banister system, with its specially designed parts, make an incredibly flexible solution with various applications for indoor or outdoor use. Interiors, staircases, mezzanines or balconies, patio, garden spaces - the design of PROVA 5 OVAL from DOLLE is characterized by a simple, elegant and solid design. It is ideal for your home with its various components made of anodized aluminium, stainless steel and wood.

Good reasons for aluminium

Aluminium is long-lasting and extremely durable in extreme conditions. Despite its low weight, aluminium has a very high strength, is weather-resistant, and even extreme UV radiation has no influence on this material. Because of its durability, aluminium rarely needs to be maintained. However, with very strong environmental influences, a slight cleaning from time to time with a mild cleaning agent is recommended. Powder-coated aluminium and anodized aluminium are also optimally protected against abrasion or corrosion.


  • Durable in extreme weather conditions
  • A variety of combinations
  • Very solid and elegant
  • Functional and versatile
  • Ingenious easy assembly

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Handrail diameter
40 mm
Handrail length
2000 mm
Height (adjustable)
950 - 1000 mm
Banister type
Banister set
Pole material
Indoor use, Outdoor use

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