Loft ladder extension kit 3 treads spruce 40 cm

Loft Ladder Extension Kit for SW26,36, 56 & CF36G

Loft ladder extension kit 3 treads for SW26, SW36, SW56 & CF36G. This extension part converts the 3-section loft ladder systems to a 4-section system and extends your loft ladder with up to 47 cm.

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Extension kit with 3 treads for extra high ceilings for the DOLLE timber loft ladders.

If you need a little extra height on your loft ladder an extension part may be all you need. This extension piece converts the 3-section folding ladder systems to a 4-section system and extends your loft ladder with up to 47 cm (NB: maximum 14 treads in total).

The extension is made of solid spruce with non-slip treads and dowel connection and for extra security. The total width of the section is 40 cm. The width of the treads is 35.8 cm and the depth 8.2 cm. Length of the product is 76.3 cm

This extension kit is compatible with the DOLLE loft ladders SW26-3, SW26-4, SW26-5, SW36-5, SW56-4, SW56-5 & CF36G. Except from the small sizes SW26-3, SW26-4, SW26-5 115 x 57,4 cm and SW36-5 115 x 55 cm. For these sizes see article number 1009253 Loft Ladder Extension Kit for SW26 115x57,4 & SW36 115x55cm.

NB! For loft ladder extension kit for loft ladder SW56-1 see article number 1009270 Loft ladder extension kit for SW56-1.

Don't see the extension piece you need? Don't hesitate to get in touch - we may be able to help.


  • Extends floor to ceiling heights with up to 47 cm
  • Non-slip treads for extra security
  • Solid spruce ladder
  • Easy to fit

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