Mezzanine stair BERGEN white/spruce

Mezzanine with option of top-flexibility

Solid mezzanine stair for loft conversion in spruce with 12 treads. The loft stair have good deep treads and together with the handrail it provides a comfortable loft stair. Hooks for hanging included. Sliding bracket can be purchased.

Product Properties

Floor-to-floor height
277 cm
Staircase width
58 cm
Tread material
Product number

Loft stair for loft conversion

BERGEN is a loft stair, that can be built to your loft conversion even when you do not have much space. So how can we build a stair for loft conversions? You simply add the loft stair at the opening to the attic and this loft stair BERGEN do not take up any living space below because you can push it up against the wall when you are not using it. See pictures above. To do that you need to add the slide bracket

The loft stair comes with 12 treads and reaches a max floor-to floor height of 277 cm. When it is in use (folded out) it takes up 113.5 cm in the room (total going length). The mezzanine can be cut /adjusted to the specific height of your room. BERGEN is made of solid spruce wood with white painted stringers. The treads are untreated which means you can varnish, stain or paint in any colour you prefer. The loft stair is made of wood from FSC certified forestry.

Comfort and safety

With a tread width of 52,6 cm, (complete stair width: 58 cm with handrail), BERGEN is particularly suited for loft conversion and small spaces, where you although need good comfort. The handrail provides good comfort and safety when you walk up or down the stair. Attention: the handrail can be mounted left or right according to your need before you install the loft stair.

Hooks for attachment of the stair to the wall are included in the package. If you want the flexibility of the mezzanine to be pushed up against the wall you need to buy the slide bracket. When the mezzanine is mounted with the slide bracket it can reach a floor-to-floor height of 300,3 cm. The bracket is available in white, black and metal colour.


DB number (dk)
Product number
Floor-to-floor height
277 cm
Max. floor-to-floor height
277 cm
Total going
113,50 cm
Straight flight
Staircase width
58 cm
Staircase or banister
Staircase definition
Secondary staircase
Number of risers
Tread thickness
2,70 cm
Tread depth
10 cm
Tread width
52,60 cm
Tread material
Tread finish
Tread colour
String material
String finish
String depth
11,20 cm
Type of wood
Maximum load
150 kg
Indoor use

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