PROVA 5 Corner Kit 9006 PS20

Corner kit for PROVA 5 banister system in aluminium from DOLLE

To create an angle for the PROVA banister, you will need this kit. The PROVA corner kit consists of a package of fittings for 5 stainless steel tubes and for the PROVA handrail in order to make a corner.

Product Properties

Grey metallic
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Banister - with safety and durability

The PROVA banister is very flexible and easy to mount. And thanks to this corner kit, it is easy for you to create a corner that follows your deck railing, side of a staircase, a ramp or other walkway. Just be aware that the distance from a corner to the first railing post must be 20 cm max. to secure stability and safety of the banister.

Normal distance between the rail posts is 1 metre.

This banister is manufactured in aluminium which is a very durable and long lasting materials - perfect if you live in a country with extreme weather conditions.


  • Ingenious easy elements
  • Corner kit create flexibility
  • Safe and secure
  • Contemporary design
  • Railings for indoors and outdoors


Indoor use, Outdoor use
Handrail material

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