Staircase ATLANTA

The staircase for narrow spaces

Straight flight staircase designed for tight spaces and easy installation. Choose the design you wish in the drop-down menu below. Features 11 multiplex treads and additional safety options.

Product Properties

Tread width
58 cm
11,50 cm
Max. floor-to-floor height
300 cm

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Gets you out of a tight corner!

An ingenious tread shape makes this staircase a real space-saver! The ATLANTA staircase comes with 11 multiplex beech steps and a tiny footprint (only 137 cm in length when fitted with all 11 treads). One or more treads can be removed if you do not need the maximum floor-to-floor height of 300 cm. Each tread has an adjustable rise of between 19 and 25 cm. An outside banister and balusters fitted to two treads each maximise both comfort and stability even on a small staircase.

Simple, modular structural elements and a straight PVC handrail ensure easy installation in just one day. Varnished treads, powder-coated steel structural elements and coloured, UV-resistant PVC handrail add up to a strong and durable staircase. The ATLANTA staircase comes in a choice of modern colours with a semi-gloss finish. Pick the design that matches your needs and interior.

Uncompromising safety and convenience

ATLANTA is a strong, stable staircase. Certified compliance with the load requirements defined in European building regulations (EUROCODE) ensures an absolutely safe staircase.

As an option, ATLANTA can be configured with middle balusters, reducing the gap between balusters from 20.5 cm to 9 cm adding even greater safety and comfort. Select the ATLANTA 2 configuration. To enhance child safety, you can add an additional banister and install riser bars under the treads in colours to match the staircase of your choice. Add a nice, safe finish by installing a landing banister at the top of your staircase. And complete the finishing touches by adding cover kit – designed to hide screws and assemblies on our modular staircases.

How to measure for a staircase

Go to our Measurement guide to learn how to measure your room for a staircase.

In our Dimensions you will find precise measurements of the staircase and explanation of staircase terminology.

Be aware this staircase is designed for rooms with a deck thickness of min. 20 cm. (rise + 2 cm).


Wood is a natural product and the natural colour of the wood may vary from tread to tread. Therefore, the colour reproduction of the images may not always reflect the actual colour of the wood.


  • Easy to assemble in one day
  • Strong and stable
  • Simple and minimalistic design
  • Durable materials
  • FSC® certified wood


M Opening length
137 cm
N Opening width
69 cm
H Floor-to-floor height
Select a variant
R Total going length
Select a variant
R1 Total going width
Select a variant
C1 Staircase width
62 cm
S Tread rise
From 19,0 to 25,0 cm per tread (depending on floor-to-floor height)
G Going
11,50 cm
Product number
'Please select a variant'
Straight flight (Paddle tread)
Staircase width
62 cm
Number of risers
Number of treads
Tread thickness
35 mm
Tread width
58 cm
Handrail material
Indoor use
Maximum load
Certified to a max. point load of 200 kg., The banister railing is approved for a horizontal load of 50 kg / meter., Certified to a max. total load of 400 kg.

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